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Education Networking Workshops 2022

ENC Workshops 2022

Join us for this year's Education Networking Workshops on Saturday, October 1st-  offering a variety of workshop options for church leaders.
Lunch will be served with a suggested donation of $10.
If you would like childcare during the event, please contact Tiffany at .
Please share this event with your church leaders and congregation!

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Workshop table

Session 1:
Considerations for Online Worship
Led by: Rev. Seth Finch, Pastor Covenant Presbyterian Church & Rev. David Whiteley, Honorably Retired pastor
This workshop is an opportunity for local church tech people to share best practices, suggestions for equipment & software, and lessons learned. 

What’s the Deal with Sabbath?
Led by: Luke Rembold, Site Coordinator for the ABQ Young Adult Volunteer Program
Ever wonder how YAVs encounter transformation in their year of service?  You will a get a small taste through this reflective workshop.  We know that Jesus rested, and that remembering the Sabbath is one of the ten commandments. But rest isn't just about recovery, or preparing to do more work--it is an act of rebellion, rooting ourselves in our belief that God loves us wholly as we are, and not as a result of what we accomplish or produce. This workshop will invite us to recognize messages we receive about rest and explore ways to disrupt the idea that who we are is solely rooted in what we do.

Session 1 & 2:
Church Finance Workshop
Led by: Chad Poole, Financial Assistant to the Presbytery
Part 1- A Q&A session for church treasurers, finance officers, and bookkeepers. Participants will be able to ask questions of others that manage church finances.  We will also discuss recommendations for completing an annual financial review as required by the Book of Order.
Part 2- Churches interested in having an outside perspective of their finances are invited to bring copies of their 2021 financial records, bank statements, documentation of income and expenses, and financial policies.  Churches will be able to swap records for review and recommendations.

Session 2:
Personnel Ministry of the Session
Led by: Rev. Frank Yates, Parish Associate First Presbyterian Church Albuquerque & Stephen Rhoades, Stated Clerk of the Presbytery
People! People! People! The church comprises the People of God all trying to serve with "energy, intelligence, imagination and love".  This class will focus on the Personnel Ministry of the Session-how people are supervised and encouraged in their work in the church. That includes pastors and other employees of the congregation. We will look at the resources from the General Assembly and in our Presbytery's Commission of the Ministry. We will find out that the Book of Order tells us very little about the Personnel Ministry of the Session.

Session 2 & 3:
Compassion Fatigue: Resilience and Renewal
Led by: Rev. Dr. Laurie Kraus, Director of Presbyterian Disaster Assistance
This program helps participants understand concepts of compassion fatigue, secondary traumatic stress and burnout. The workshop includes teaching sessions and introduces a range of tools to promote personal well-being in the midst of stressful circumstances.  Participants should sign up for both Part 1 and Part 2 for the full presentation.

Session 3:
Safe Church Training
Led by: Susan Keil Smith, First Presbyterian Church Albuquerque
This training is intended for church staff, leaders, and volunteers that work with children, youth, and vulnerable adults.  This critical training will discuss awareness, attentiveness, and education to prevent
abuse and misconduct to keep the church safe for all.

Being An Elder in the Church & Presbytery
Led by: Presbytery’s Committee on Representation and Participation
This discussion-based workshop is intended for those who have served or currently serve on session.  Participants will share about their experiences serving as elders in the church and how leadership in the church is changing.  Participants will hear about opportunities for leadership in the Presbytery and how participating in the connectional church strengthens our ministry.

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Upcoming Events

Education Networking Event: Sat, Oct 1, 9am-3pm at Albuquerque, Covenant

Annual Presbytery Meeting: Sat, Oct 15, 10am-3pm at Las Placitas. Registration coming soon.

Fall Youth Retreat: Sat, Nov 19, 10am-7pm in Albuquerque

Job Opportunities

La Mesa, Albuquerque- Installed Pastor, CLC MIF #05092.AC0

Aztec Pres, Aztec- Part-time Pastor, CLC MIF #05118.AC2

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